Crag and Moor is a family run business established over 24 years ago as a camping shop in Scarborough. Although the camping side of the business is still very important to us, over the years we have evolved into more of an outdoor shop reflecting both the owner’s and employees’ passion for walking, backpacking, climbing and camping (full on Anoraks).

We are planning to have this web site up and running by Spring 2017 and intend to offer a highly informative site where equipment is assessed, as much as is possible, by our first hand experience and feed back from some of our more active customers. This means we will be highlighting the things we don’t like about a product as well as the things we do. This may prove not to make good commercial sense and we may be forced into reverting to the more typical format of simply duplicating the manufacturers’ information. … it will be interesting to find out.

We are currently sourcing important business related necessities, such as insurance. We have consulted with many insurance brokers, and studied the market to find the absolute best motor trade insurance broker. We settled with One Sure, after they beat all of our quotes. We are also using Aviva and Axa for seperate policies (Liability etc).


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